The Teams Mediums

As a group we are very open to spirit and work with the energy of locations. The main mediums of the group are Sue and Dawn.


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We are a team of people investigating the paranormal with many years experience in the field. We organize paranormal nights in many haunted locations and invite guests to investigate with us. On an investigation we try and use a range of methods from emf equipment, Psychic/trance work as well as table tipping and Ouija boards. We also have CCTV equipment. which we use on most events in the hope of capturing the paranormal. So if you dare why not join us on our next investigation!!!

PHI Wall

Posted on: Wednesday 28 September 2016 12:45pm
We have been let down on our halloween event this year...if you no of anywhere we could hold event or even join on with another group please get in touch ty phi team...

Posted on: Sunday 4 September 2016 4:33pm
Excellent night in wales what a fab place hugh location and we couldnt cover it all lots stuff picked up on and seen and heard..cant wait to go back ...

Posted on: Saturday 3 September 2016 11:29am
Some of Phi Team of to wales to check out a location in Machnneith pictures to follow hope its really active..only few team going ....

Posted on: Sunday 28 August 2016 11:23am
What a fab night at Proiry Theatre ...great location and lot nosies were heard...tapping and walking heard,singing,talking,full figures...excellent night...we shall go back ...ty team u were fab and guests well done all ...

Posted on: Sunday 21 August 2016 4:20pm
Great night at the rams inn ..scarey at times ...x

Posted on: Sunday 7 August 2016 12:01pm
What a great night at Graisieley Old Hall what an odd place lot girls were scared last night ..knock and bangs,figures just showing themselves ...the main door been knocked for somethink to come in ...bedrooms that were so dark that went darker still ..lot picked up on...its a must to go back well done team and those nice cakes very tastie ty Patrick x xx

Posted on: Saturday 6 August 2016 5:55pm
Of to wolverhampton tonight heres to active night !!...


The PHI Team


The Tec Team

Adam is the TEC Guy of the team. Adam also makes custom gadgets to use on investigations in the hope of capturing the paranormal.